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Whiskey Raffle



You may be wondering why are we raffling off a bottle of George Washington’s Limited Edition Rye Whiskey.

Here’s the story behind it….


2012 was the first year Dr. Raphael Nogier taught in the United States.  One evening the seminar coordinator John Howard was driving Dr. Nogier and his assistant Diana from dinner back to their hotel when the song “American Pie” by Don McLean came on the radio.  Dr. Nogier told John he liked the song.  When the line “And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye,” was sung, Dr. Nogier asked, “what is rye whiskey?”

“It’s a type of liquor, that’s all I know,” John replied.

That conversation stuck with John.


This year, Dr. Nogier will be teaching at a historical colonial farm that has a perfect view of Mount Vernon, the home of our first president George Washington.  Washington had a successful distillery at Mount Vernon and today it still produces limited batches of whiskey which are produced the traditional 18th century way.

We were fortunate to acquire a bottle of Washington’s Limited Edition rye whiskey which could only be purchased directly from Mount Vernon.   We will be raffling this piece of American history off to one lucky seminar attendee.

You will have the unique experience of learning the history of Auriculotherapy from a relative of the creator at a historic location which sits across the river from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.