Dr. Raphaël Nogier School of Clinical Auriculotherapy

Total hours earned in diplomat certification program – 147 hours*

2- Basic Seminars in Auriculotherapy (42 hours)

2- Basic/Advanced Seminars in Auriculomedicine (42 hours)

3- Advanced Seminars (63 hours total)

  1. Food Allergies (21 hours)
  2. Dental Foci (21 hours)
  3. Nogier’s Phases (21 hours)


Seminar 1- Basic Practical Auriculotherapy

Seminar 2- Advanced Clinical Auriculotherapy

Seminar 3- Basic Clinical Auriculomedicine

Seminar 4- Advanced Clinical Auriculomedicine & VAS

Seminar 5- Food Allergies

Seminar 6- Dental Foci

Seminar 7- Nogier’s Phases


Graduation Requirements

Once the student finishes all 7 modules and receives 147 clinical hours, they will be eligible to sit for the Final Exam. The exam will be given by Dr. Raphael Nogier in the United States at the end of one of the seminars taught by him.


The Final Exam will consist of 7 short answer questions given at the end of a seminar. A minimum score of 70% is required to graduate; each question is worth a maximum of 20 points. Any answer to a question that receives a 0 will result in automatic failure and the student will have to retake the entire exam at a later date.


At this point in time all seminars will be offered throughout the United States. Not all seminars in the diplomat certification program will be taught by Dr. Raphael Nogier. Seminars that are taught by other instructors will be hand-picked by Dr. Raphael Nogier.


Any attendees of past seminars given by Dr. Raphael Nogier either in the United States or at GLEM in Lyon, France, may request credit hours to apply towards their diplomate certification.


Also, students in the program that have taken applicable courses from any of the hand-picked teachers in the past 5 years, may apply for earned credit hours towards their diplomate certification.


All requests to earn credit hours for attending past seminars (for Dr. Raphael Nogier and his hand-picked teachers) will be evaluated by Dr. Raphael Nogier and only Dr. Raphael Nogier.


Once all requirements and successful passing score of the final exam are complete, a graduation diploma will be presented to you.


*The Dr. Raphael Nogier School of Clinical Auriculotherapy can change the total number of hours in the diplomat certification program, though we do not expect this to happen. The number of hours may be subject to clinical developments stemming from current scientific research pertinent to auriculotherapy.