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Course Syllabus



Auriculotherapy Exceptional seminar in Lyon FRANCE

May 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th, 2024 (course break, no class on Wednesday May 15th)

by Docteur Raphaël Nogier



Seminar hours:  9 AM – 5:30 PM. Daily course times are in Central European Time (CET). Start time in other time zones. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) London, UK. 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Eastern standard Time (EST) East Coast of the US. 3:00 AM – 11:30 AM. Pacific Standard Time (PST) West Coast of the US. 12:00 AM – 8:30 AM. Live Online no replay


Public concerned: The seminar is intended for all medical professions (medical doctors, dentists, midwives, veterinary doctors), but also for all professions of health care interested in complementary medical techniques. 


Treated subjects: The goal of this seminar is to explain the fundamental knowledge about auriculotherapy for allowing the participants to practice this method.


Requirements: Existing knowledge in auriculotherapy is not necessary. Auriculotherapy (Raphaël Nogier, Thieme Editions)


Lecturer: Raphaël Nogier (M.D.), has been a practitioner in auriculotherapy for thirty years. Author of many publications about auriculotherapy, he has taught this discipline all over the world. He was president of the working group (W.H.O) for the standardization of auricular points nomenclature. Today, he is president of GLEM – Lyon Medical Studies Group, which gathers a large number of medical doctors working in the field of auriculotherapy. Son of Paul Nogier, the inventor of auriculotherapy, Raphaël Nogier worked close to his father for many years.


Language: The seminar will be held in English with some parts being directly translation from French.


Location: 49 rue Mercière, 69002, Lyon, (city center). Live online as well in person. 


This exceptional seminar will be broadcasted in English speaking countries by John Howard


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Seminar Syllabus



First Day: May 13th Presentation of auriculotherapy and study of localizations





Presentation of the seminar: 15 minutes
Place of auriculotherapy in medicine: 30 minutes
History of auriculotherapy: 30 minutes
How did Paul Nogier establish the ear point maps: 15 minutes.


Break:  30 minutes


Auriculotherapy and WHO: Seoul 1987, Genève 1989, Lyon 1990: 15 minutes
INSERM report (2014): 15 minutes
Short auricle anatomy: 30 minutes
Helix with point-zero description
Scaphoid fossa
Triangular fossa
Ear innervation: vagus nerve, trigeminal nerve, superior cervical plexus, glosso Pharynges, facial nerve
Two types of points: painful points and low resistivity points. Anterior and posterior part of the ear: 30 minutes




Auriculotherapy and scientific research Works of Durynian, Oleson, Auziech: 30 minutes


Study on localizations.


General considerations upon localizations: ear development, embryology, comparison between human beings and animals. 30 minutes
Spine: vertebral bodies, para-vertebral muscles, latero-vertebral sympathetic chain. How the repair the spine on the ear. Study of the landmarks on the ear 30 minutes


Break:  30 minutes


How to treat: 90 Minutes
Spine arthrosis
Sudeck Syndrome
Cervico brachial neuralgia
Pain of a vertebra metastasis                                                                    



Second day: May 14th study of localizations on the ear



Upper limb: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand: 30 minutes                                                       
Lower limb: hip, knee, ankle: 30 minutes
Reproductive organ: 30 minutes


Break:  30 minutes


Digestive system: mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, intestine, colon, rectum, anus. Liver, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid: 90 minutes




Nervous system: localizations Reminder on the nervous system structure Definition of perception, sensations feelings, emotion, control
General structuration of the localizations on the lobule: 30 minutes
Localizations of the cranial nerves on the ear: 30 minutes
Localizations of the eye, thalamus, hypothalamus: 30 minutes


Break:  30 minutes

Localization of: 90 minutes
Locus Niger
Frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital cortex



May 15th no class. 



Third day: May 16th Morning


The limbic system on the ear: 90 minutes
Protocol to treat PTSD Definition of PTSD
When you think it is PTSD?
How to Interview a patient with PTSD
Description of a PTSD treatment on the ear
Examples of PTSD treatments


Break:  30 minutes


Symmetry and laterality

Why animals are Symmetrical? 90 Minutes
What is a laterality
the two cerebral hemispheres
Broca, Dyslaterality
Nervous depression and laterality
Symmetry, laterality And Points on the tragus 



How to detect an ear point?

Electronic device: 15 minutes
The feeler pressure: 15 minutes


How to treat an ear point?

Needle, Massage and Electricity: 15 minutes
Frequencies, description and application 30 minutes


Break:  30 minutes



Blue feeler pressure, Electronic device, Glass rod for point massage, Needles, stainless steel balls and the GL+: 30 minutes


How to treat a pain?


pain pathways, gate system control: 30 minutes
How to treat pain: 30 minutes
acute pain
chronic pain
cervico-brachial neuralgia.
spinal pain
shoulder pain


tobacco addiction: 30 Minutes



Fifth day: May 17th Morning


Obstacles to the treatment

First rib syndrome:    
reminder anatomy: 15 minutes
clinical signs: 15 minutes
treatment: manipulation, auto manipulation: 15 minutes
practical work: 45 minutes


Break:  30 minutes

Tooth focus mouth anatomy, trigeminus nerve: 15 minutes 
clinical signs, how to detect a focus: 15 minutes
treatment of tooth focus: 15 minutes                
Disturbing scars
clinical signs: 15 minutes
detection: 15 minutes
treatment: 15 minutes




Tobacco program: 90 Minutes
Reminder of the autonomic nervous system
the nicotinic effect
tobacco and nervous depression
clinical effect of lack of tobacco
description of a anti-tobacco consultations
Ear points to be treated
Side effects of the anti-tobacco program
Patient monitoring
Clinical results     


Break:  30 minutes


Specific treatments
herpes zoster: 15 minutes                                              
Loss weight: 30 minutes
Demonstrations: 30 minutes
Tinnitus: 15 Minutes                                                                                            




To sign up for this 4-day live online seminar with Dr. Raphael Nogier click below on buy now.

Cost €1000.




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