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Certification Syllabus Module 4

Advanced Auriculomedicine & RAFT Module IV


Epidemiology of food allergies

How to explain the increase of food allergies?

The food is not the same as before.

Our diet has changed we eat more sugar, more animal proteins and less vegetable.


Composition of foods







Composition of foods




Proteins structure




Physiology of digestive tract

history of allergology

The differences between allergy and food intolerance


Physiology of the digestive tract

small intestine

intestinal absorption





History of the great discoveries in allergology

What is an allergy

what is a food intolerance

Examples of food intolerances


Allergy Classifications

Allergies type 1 description diagnostic

Allergies type 2 description diagnostic

Allergies type 3 description diagnostic

Allergies type 4 description diagnostic


Impacts to Allergies

The role of the small intestine in allergies

The role of the intestinal microbiota

The role of medication : hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs in food allergies

The role of breast feeding in food allergies

The role of genetics in allergies

Food allergies and the role of the food taken by the mother during the pregnancy period

Hands on demonstrations – RAFT application

Understand the role of small intestine and intestinal microbiota in allergies

The roles of medications genetics in allergies

How breast feeding affects allergies

Allergies transmitted from pregnant mother to child

Demonstration of RAFT application


Vascular Autonomic Signal and food allergies

Introduction to the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS)

Presentation of the discovery of the VAS by Paul Nogier


Physiology of the radial pulse

Explanation of the VAS


How to detect the vascular signal

radial, cubital, temporal artery

How to release the vascular signal

VAS and the neurovegetative system

Understand the history/discovery of VAS

What the radial pulse is and explain the VAS


The Vascular Signal and Diagnostics and Treatment

How to know if the vascular signal is stable?

The white light test

The exhaustion phenomenon. Description

The dental focal and the VAS. Diagnostic

The dental focal and the VAS. Treatment

The first rib syndrome and the VAS. Treatment

The scars and the VAS. Diagnostic and treatment


Radial Artery Food Test (RAFT) and foods to test

The photogram

Technic with color filters

How to reduce the perturbations of the photogram using the ear points?

Presentation of the RAFT (Radial Artery Food Test)

How to make a test with a ring test?

Which foods shall be tested? How to avoid mistakes?


Testing Allergies, evaluating diets and demonstration protocols

General test protocol

First session and second session. The diet

Following sessions How to evaluate the diet impact?

Signs important to know showing if a diet is positive or not

Diets in chronic diseases

Diets in psychiatric diseases

Hands on demonstration – RAFT application