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Certification Syllabus Module I

Basic Auriculotherapy Module I




Place of auriculotherapy in medicine

History of auriculotherapy: the roots. Paul Nogier (1908-1996)

How did Paul Nogier establish the ear maps

Auriculotherapy and acupuncture: differences and similarities

Scientific basis of auriculotherapy

The two kinds of points

Reflex points

Neuro-vascular points

Anatomy of the ear

Anterior and posterior side

Helix, antihelix, concha, tragus, antitragus, scaphoid fossa, triangular fossa



Mesoderm localizations: antihelix

Spine and limbs

uro-genital system

Cardio-vascular system

Endodermic localizations: concha

Digestive tract



Gall bladder

Lung and bronchial

Ectodermic localizations: lobule and tragus

Central nervous system

Notion of symmetry


How to find the points on the ear?

Mechanical procedure

pressure feeler

Electrical detection 

Simple detection

Differential detection

Influence of chemical treatment on point detection

How to treat a point?

Mechanical stimulation


ASP needle

Massage, cauterization

Nogier’s Frequencies: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, + L 


Indications and contra-indications of auriculotherapy

Obstacles in auriculotherapy

Disturbing scars how to detect and to treat them

dental focus

first rib syndrome

Application in daily practice

How to treat an acute pain at the clinic

Anti-tobacco program: Why, when, How? Consequences

Overweight treatment: protocols of treatment