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Syllabus Denver 2020


First day 


This day is devoted to the physiology of the gastro-intestinal system and the immune system.




Agriculture has changed, the way we eat has changed, diseases have changed over time.


What is the link between food and diseases?


Food constitution: Water, fat, sugars, fibers, vitamins, proteins.


Food preservation


Physiology of the gastrointestinal system


Classification of diseases linked to food intake


What is a food intolerance?


What is a food allergy?


The different types of food allergies.


The hidden allergies.


The immune system




Second day


This day is devoted to Vascular Autonomic Signal.


What is VAS?


History of VAS. Discovery of VAS by Paul Nogier.


How to take the radial pose, researching the VAS


How to prepare the patient before the RAFT


How to delete a contraindication:


Medication use


Exhaustion of VAS: dental focus, toxic scar


Absence of VAS: first rib syndrome


How to stabilize the VAS with ear points


The photogram




Third day


The third day is a clinical day.


Methods to detect food allergies and intolerances.




Indications of RAFT


Interview of the patient:


breast feeding?


nutrition in infancy?


Importance of health journal


How to use color filters for diagnosis and treatment


Which tests must be performed?


Protocol of the RAFT


How to begin the diet for the patient


How to follow a patient with a diet


How to stop a diet


Clinical situations