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2019 San Jose Auriculotherapy Syllabus




Place of auriculotherapy in medicine

History of auriculotherapy : the roots. Paul Nogier (1908-1996)

How did Paul Nogier establish the ear maps

Auriculotherapy and acupuncture : differences and similarities


Scientific basis of auriculotherapy


The two kinds of points

Reflex points

Neuro-vascular points


Anatomy of the ear

Anterior and posterior side

    Helix, anti-helix, concha, tragus, antitragus, scaphoïd fossa, triangular fossa Innervation



Mesodermic localisations : anti-helix

         Spine and limbs

         uro-genital system

         Cardio-vascular system


         Endodermic localisations : concha

         Digestive tract



         Gall bladder

         Lung and bronchs


         Ectodermic localisations : lobule and tragus

         Central nervous system

         notion of symmetry / laterality


How to find the points on the ear ?

         Mechanical procedure : pressure feeler

         Electrical detection : simple detection ; differential detection


How to treat a point ?

Mechanical stimulation : needle, ASP, Massage, cauterization

         Frequencies of Nogier : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, + L ; lasers


Indications and contre-indications of auriculotherapy


Obstacles in auriculotherapy

         The disturbing scars : how to detect and to treat them

         The dental focus

         The first rib syndrome


*This is the only school in the United States of its kind that is endorsed by Dr. Raphaël Nogier. This school has been created in USA to give a complete education in the method of Paul Nogier. First, to get the skills necessary to practice auriculotherapy; second to know how to use the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) also known as the Nogier pulse reflex. For more information about the DRNSOCA (Dr. Raphaël Nogier School of Clinical Auriculotherapy)