Hands on learning


Learn from a living master hands-on techniques that can be applied in your clinic when you return to work. This is the only time that you will be able to see Dr. Nogier in the United States. He teaches here once a year in Maryland at John Hopkins University Montgomery campus. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn hands-on from a man whose father was the inventor of this medicine. It’s not very often one can say they learned a specialty in medicine from one of the inventors.


This year we have secured supply chains to provide students with the opportunity to purchase any and all equipment that Dr. Nogier uses in his teachings and clinic. In the past we were unable to acquire the supplies due to multiple logistical issues. But this year with the help of Dr. Nogier and our sponsor we were able to secure the supplies. They include electronic electrical stimulation devices along with colors filters. This will be the only time and place you will be able to purchase this equipment in the United States. In the upcoming weeks we will send out a form with everything Dr. Nogier will be using and ask you if you would like to purchase any of the items. You can pick up your order at the wine tasting event the day before the seminar or at the seminar itself. 


This seminar is clinically based and geared towards achieving a high success rate using auricular therapy in your practice. The morning part of the seminar will be didactic and theory based. Dr. Nogier teaches the basics of auricular therapy so that each student will have a strong foundation and clear understanding of auricular therapy.


The afternoon component of the class will be a hands on demonstration with Dr. Nogier showing the students exactly how each procedure and technique is done. The demonstrations are performed on some of the students (if they have any illness or pains) or patients that are provided by students. We will have plenty of patients for everyone to see how to treat what is taught in the morning part of the seminar.






Dr. Nogier is shown here demonstrating his hands on teaching approach during one of his classes in Lyon, France.







Each student will have an opportunity to observe and ask Dr. Nogier questions so they will leave the seminar ready to treat some of the most complicated conditions that walk through their clinic. By then end of the three day seminar each student will leave feeling comfortable and confident knowing that they can help their patients regain their health and life again.


Some of the techniques I learned from Dr. Nogier when I took his course in Lyon, France have helped me find the real cause (root) of my patients’ conditions and allowed me to treat them to restore their health and get their lives back.