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Nametag Contest



Grand Prize

One lucky winner will receive an evening with Dr. Nogier and dinner.

How would you like to win an evening of great conversation and dinner with Dr. Nogier? This year we are having a name badge design contest for Dr. Nogier’s 2015 seminar. These badges are very special; they are 4 x 6 inches in size and made of hard plastic like a credit card. They are just like the ones that were used at the Eighth International Symposium of Auricular Therapy. The badge will have something special built into it, known as a QR code. This code looks like a square barcode, when you scan it with your smart phone it will download all of Dr. Nogier’s notes to your smart phone and to your computer also. You may incorporate the QR code in your design or not because we can always place it on the back of the name badge.

Using the QR code is part of our going green initiative; this is a good way to cut down on paper and provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips. You’ll never be without your notes again. Don’t worry for those of you that don’t have a smart phone or don’t plan on bringing a computer with you, we have you covered; you can request a copy of the notes in a handout binder. Just like in years past we believe Dr. Nogier’s notes will be comprised of over 100 pages so using your smart phone or computer for notes will have a big impact on paper usage and going green.

The winner of the contest will be announced in mid to late August. The winner will receive an email from us congratulating them on their winning design submission.  Each name badge will be in full color and include a lanyard that hangs around your neck. Name badges will be passed out the night before the seminar at a free wine tasting get-together or the following morning at registration. We will have your name along with your title on the badge.

If you are the one lucky grand prize winner of the design contest you will be treated to an evening and dinner with Dr.Nogier. As is customary Dr. Nogier and a small group of his helpers go out to dinner on Friday night. Come enjoy some of the finest French food in the Washington DC area with us. In years past dinner and conversation has lasted until late hours of the night. So come prepared to have a great time and meet new friends. Dr. Nogier speaks fluent English so please be prepared to ask questions and have great conversations with a great man.

Good luck to all who enter!