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Micropad GL+ article



By Raphaël Nogier, Lyon France.

Copyright. Raphaël Nogier 2009




Recently a new machine for the use in auriculomédecine was introduced to the market by the company MICROPAD, Italy: the GL+. It is a machine representing a frequency generator of red and infra red light, which was particularly developed to be used in diagnostic and treatment of ear points.


The GL+ gives the possibility to use the NOGIER frequencies (A B C D E F G frequencies) but also to use the L frequency, as well as the HF (high frequencies) and LF (low frequencies) used to check laterality. Consequently, it makes the GL+ being a complete equipment, which can be used in auriculomedicine in order to do the diagnostic of the reactions of the points, as well as zones using the pulse taking technique (the VAS).

Yet it is also possible to treat the ear points without pulse taking.


The GL+ was conceived to be used by right as well as left handed persons.

The embedded screen and the selection buttons allow a simple and rapid application.


Description of the equipment


The equipment is composed of the machine body and three metallic nozzles.


1) The nozzles


  • a nozzle for the projection of red light
  • a nozzle using optic fibre for a very precise punctual red light projection
  • a nozzle for infra red light projection            2) The machine bodyThe machine body is of small size and is supplied with power by two LR6 batteries. 


  • The front shows a digital screen and 12 buttons.
  • on/off button
  • buttons Fq+ and Fq-, which allow to choose the frequencies A,B,C,D,E,F,G,L,U. (Because of these two buttons one can choose the A,B,C,D etc.. or choose the D,C,B,A, etc…sequence This proceeding allows a much rapid working).
  • button %, which allows the access to deviated frequencies  : -30%, -20%,-10%, +10%, +20%,+30%
  • button L, which gives immediate access to the L frequency.
  • button HF (high frequencies) : 8,75 HZ
  • button BF (low frequencies)  : 3,74 Hz
  • button Bt, which gives the possibility to use the light beating (very useful for the detection of functional ear points).  
  • button, allowing the use of white light in order to do the white light test. Three buttons are reserved for treatment – they can be found in the centre of the machine body.


  1. Some information about the NOGIER frequencies and   B : stimulation of pluricellularity     (also called as stimulation of the locomotion)E : stimulation of medullar functions G : stimulation of cortical functions  Yet, since several years I could observe two phenomena which gave me reason for reflection:
  2. F : stimulation of sub cortical and supra medullar functions
  3. D : stimulation of laterality
  4. C : stimulation of motor functions
  5. A : stimulation of cell work
  6. Since thirty years now, we know the famous A,B,C,D,E,F,G frequencies – the seven frequencies discovered by Paul NOGIER:
  7. the L frequency
  1. The use of the D frequency is disappointing in treatment of laterality disorders.
  2. The use of the D frequency is particularly efficient in treatment of posture disorders: i.e. lower shoulder, false short leg … The D frequency is the frequency, which is active when used to “symmetrize” patients.This observation, led me to study again the body and the ear frequencies using a machine able to emit red light in the range of 1 to 10.000 Hz. I could notice that on the D line (sagittal median line of 4cm large, and which runs from pubis until the anus and passes over the scalp) contains in fact two different frequency zones:
    • The zone, which is in resonance with the D frequency (18,25Hz), represented in the area running from pubis until the anterior insertion of the scalp hair, as well as the scalp hair insertion of the neck until the anus.
    • The zone, which is in resonance with the L frequency ( 276 Hz), represented on the sagittal median line of the scalp between the anterior insertion of the scalp hair and the scalp hair insertion on the neck (being therefore present on the whole apex).



On the ear, the D frequency zone can be found

on the proximal part of the tragus and


the L frequency zone is present on the tragus part, which is more closer to the cheek.






Clinically speaking:


The D frequency has an action in strengthening symmetry: the posture, the ocular movements, the locomotion etc…


The L frequency has an action on the equilibrium of the laterality. This frequency is useful in treatment of disorders linked to unbalanced laterality: dyscalculia, dysorthographia, learning disorders, concentration disorders, memory disorders …




Here, a summary of frequency applications in auriculomedicine:



A frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate cell work, without stimulating the cell division. These frequencies are used in pathologies linked to cell suffering:


– Traumata, crushing, oedema, hematoma

– Anoxia, hypoxia, infarct

– Burns


B frequencies: all frequencies that stimulate functions linked to pluricellularity.

These frequencies are used in pathologies linked to a defect in intercellular exchange:


– Venous, lymphatic insufficiency

– Arteritis, coronary arteritis

– Auto immune diseases : Lupus, Polyarthritis, Spondylartritis, Myasthenia etc…

– Diseases linked to immune system: allergies

– Diseases linked to digestive system: celiac disease, malabsorptions, obesity, metabolic syndrome


C frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate the motor and excretion functions.

These frequencies are used in pathologies linked to movement : atonia, hypertonia :


– Trismus

– Intestine, arterial spasms

– Vesical or vesicular atony

– Constipation, motor diarrhea

– Blood low pressure (hypotension)


D frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate functions linked to symmetry phenomena, to displacement and locomotion.

These frequencies are used in pathologies linked to movements coordination:


– Disorders of binocular motricity

– Walking disorders

– Disorders of posture: lower shoulder, false short leg, scoliosis


E frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate functions linked with medullar functions.

These frequencies are principally used in order to:


– Fight the pain

– but also to treat algodystrophy


F frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate functions of the sub cortical cortex.

These frequencies are used in various fields:


– Appetite and satiety disorders: bulimia, anorexia

– Menstruation disorders: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea, spaniomenorrhoea.

– Disorders linked to cicatrisation: pseudarthrosis, varicous ulcer

– Disorders of thermoregulation

– Emotional disorders (see the article on decency).


G frequencies. all frequencies that stimulate the cortical cortex .

These frequencies are used in treatment of various pathologies:


– Tinnitus

– Hysteria (see article on hysteria)

– Psychosomatic diseases

– Cognitive disorders


L frequency. This frequency has an action on disorders linked with bad laterality:


  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysorthographia
  • Disorders fn learning at school
  • Disturbed laterality: frustrated left handed person
  • Concentration disorders
  • Memory disorders
  • Nervous depression linked with laterality disorders
  • Tobacco stop
  • Weaning from antidepressant drugs



  1. Some information about the high (HF) and low (LF) frequencies Using these frequencies, it is possible to detect laterality blocks in patient.
  2. The company MICROPAD included into their equipment GL+ the HF frequencies (8.75 Hz), as well as LF frequencies (3,74Hz), which allow to measure laterality.




  1. GL+ and treatment.

The GL+ machine allows ear point treatment using frequencies but also gives the possibility to treat small and superficial skin zones. Moreover there is a button integrated for treatment with several programmes allowing to use the treatment for:


  • Cicatrisation : A,B,F
  • Relaxation : C,D,G
  • Analgesia : E,G



GL+ is an equipment offering vast number of possibilities. Being simple in use, it is in my opinion for the moment (in 2009) the best adapted frequency generating machine, because adapted to practical application in auriculomédecine.