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We are currently working on getting all of Dr. Nogier’s filters in stock by the end of this week. Please check by at the end of the week or calls us for updates.

(240) 413-9211


October 8th 2013

We just spoke with Dr. Nader Solimon and he has agreed to put together a kit of auriculomedicine filters that Dr. Raphael used in his 2013 USA seminar. His staff is working on this right now and will contact up in a few days when the kits are completed.


In the coming week we will have an online forming on what Dr. Raphael Nogier taught in his 2013 USA seminar. In the forming you can find answers to all (we hope) your questions regarding supplies, technique and other general information. Please check back next week.


Have questions on the supplies that doctor used in his seminar? Please check out MicroPad

We were told that you order Dr. Nogier’s supplies from Micropad and they will mail it directly to you. For more on cost and general information on Dr. Nogier supplies visit Micropad’s website and register for an free account by clicking Here