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Exam Questions

Below is a list of questions that will be on Dr. Raphaël Nogier basic auriculotherapy certification exam. The exam will consist of 5 questions in short answer format. Each must be between 10 to 30 sentences long. A paragraph is a group of at least five sentences, so each answer should be a least two paragraphs. 


Prior to taking your exam, you must submit a paper on a topic in auriculotherapy (you may pick the topic). This paper must be between 10 to 30 pages doubled spaced. Once your paper is received you will be permitted to sit for the certification exam. The exam cost is $395.00 dollars. In the event you dont pass the exam you will be granted 1 make up exam at no cost.


You will be giving 3 hours to complete the exam. If extra time is needed it will be granted if time is permitted. Your exam will be graded with in 72 hours. 



Doctor Raphaël NOGIER Questions for the exam