Auriculotherapy in the USA



John Howard

In 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to Lyon, France and take a five day auricular therapy seminar with Dr. Raphael Nogier. I was so amazed with what I learned that I asked Dr. Nogier if he ever teaches in the USA. Dr. Nogier told me that he has been to the USA for conferences in the past but has never taught there. I asked him if he would ever teach in the USA.  I really wanted to learn more from him and felt it would be tremendously beneficial to all those practicing acupuncture and/or auriculotherapy. Dr. Nogier explained that he had no plans to teach in the USA because it is too far away and he has many classes in France and throughout Europe. It was a long trip and I could see his point.   Later that day, Dr. Nogier said to me that he would think about coming to the USA and would let me know in a few months. He asked me if he decided to come would I help him set it up. I told him it would be my honor to do so.