Rockville, MD Oct. 2018

We are pleased to announce the return of Dr. Raphael Nogier of Lyon, France to the USA in 2018. Due to an increased demand in his teaching, which started in the USA in 2012, Dr. Nogier has agreed to two seminars a year: one on the East coast (Fall) and one on the West Coast (Spring).


Location: Rockville, MD.
Dates: October 11-13, 2018.
Times: 9:00-17:00 each day.


The seminar will be taught in French by Dr. Raphael Nogier and translated into English. Dr. Raphael Nogier speaks English, but prefers teaching in French.


Updates and syllabus will provided online and announced through our Facebook and Twitter Groups.


The cost for this course is $795 USD.


Refund Policy: One (1) week or less from seminar no refund Five (5) weeks from seminar will be refunded at 50% Two (2) months from the seminar will be refunded 75% plus a 3% return fee. All refund requests have to be in writing to us at


Dr. Nogier’s contact in the United States is John Howard, L.Ac he can reached at or by phone at (240) 413-9211.