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Basic Auriculotherapy Seminar with Dr. Raphaël Nogier


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The next Nogier seminar will take place on August 8th, 9th and 10th 2019 at Five Branches University San Jose, California.

Click Here to see the full syllabus for Dr. Nogier seminar in San Jose, CA

Highlights of the August 2019 syllabus below

The History and Science behind Auriculotherapy
Anatomy of the Ear
Ear Anatomy & Structure of the External Surface (ear landmarks)
The Two Types of Points on the Ear
Point Locations
Symmetry and Laterality
Detection of Points
Blue Pressure Feeler – Point Finder (Sedatelec)
Electrical Detection – Premio 20 (Sedatelec)
GL+ (MicroPad)
Auriculotherapy Treatment Principles
How to treat Painful Points
How to treat Points Electrically: Nogier’s Frequencies
Ear Zones
Nogier Auricular Master Points (Zones)
Treatment Protocols
Anti-smoking, Obesity, PTSD, Chronic and Acute Pain
How to Treat the following Common Complaints & Modality to use:
Arm and Hand Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Thoracic Pain
Leg and Foot Pain
Generalized Acute and Chronic Pain
Stress and Anxiety
Bowel and GI Disorders
GYN Disorders
Low Libido (both men and women)
The VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) – Introduction