Auriculotherapy Success 2017

with Dr. Raphael Nogier and
Dr. Michel Marignan

Live Seminar Training

October 12-14, 2017
Johns Hopkins University — Rockville, Maryland, USA

Dr. Raphael Nogier is a medical doctor from Lyon, France. He is the son of Dr. Paul Nogier, the inventor of Auriculotherapy. Dr. Raphael Nogier teaches auriculotherapy and auricular medicine—mostly in France and throughout Europe. He is also the head of The Group for Medical Studies of Lyon (G.L.E.M.)
Along with his teaching, Dr. Nogier has a full-time medical practice in Lyon, France. Dr. Nogier has also written and published eight books and one auriculotherapy chart. 
For more information on Dr. Nogier please visit his website below.

Dr. Raphaël Nogier